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de Gustibus est non Disputandum

Article 20.02.2020 20:06

Revealing Myself, Derrick Thomas Lewis, a composer with many pieces, in classical style, on MusicaNeo.

I am Derrick Thomas Lewis. Sixty-three years old, born in Toronto, Canada. A city that contains a sample of the whole world.

After a career of teaching music, I have concentrated all my attention & intellect (such as it is) on composing music, music of the traditionally scored, non-aleatoric variety. I have recently made the acquaintance of an much-awarded, veteran composer, who is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Toronto, namely Ka Nin Chan. I 'cold-called' him, taking a chance to make his acquaintance, and thereby, hopefully, gain some knowledge and insight of the composing 'biz'. He is an extremely personable and open character.
My catalogue, so far, comprises three trios for Clarinet, Violin and Piano; An In Memoriam for a mayor of our city who tragically died before his time; two Elegies for dear cats who died, a String Quartet in D minor, a Sonatina for Piano. Plus a number of earlier works that no longer meet with my approval, and which I would consign to the flames if I could find them!
My opinions: I think Beethoven is the greatest. I think Mozart rested on his childhood tutelage too often, wrote too quickly and took on too many commissions; but his great works are almost frightening in their brilliance and/or profundity. He was unquestionably the most gifted composer of all time. As a comic author, he was no slouch, either. I think J.S.Bach didn`t often write `for the house`; when he did, he was anybody`s equal. His talent was stupefying. I wish he`d have finished the Kunst der Fuge!
I think Archangelo Corelli`s music is heavenly, although many people don`t `get it`. They hear/see only formulae and Vivaldi-ish wallpaper. He didn`t write much, sadly. He really was an Archangel. As for Vivaldi, I think the girls in the Ospidale proved too much of a distraction. Who can blame him? Haydn is wonderful; so amazingly unpretentious; so funny; so brainy. All you really need for the proverbial desert-island.
Players: Artur Rubinstein- the man who introduced me to atheism (Thanks, Art!) A passionate and spontaneous player; even after playing a particular piece a million times, he lends one a feeling of danger. Like riding with a gangster through a bad neighbourhood. Glenn Gould- A never-to-be-repeated, never-to-be-understood savant, but not an idiot! He should have followed his ambition to be a composer; he would have succeeded fabulously. As it is, he re-composed everything he recorded. He seemed to have been vanquished by his worship of Beethoven, and so gave up on composing. To compensate, he popped pills, with the result that he dropped dead at age 50. A sort of a classical, male Judy Garland. Dennis Brain- Called the `greatest Mozart performer of a generation`. Definitely the greatest hornist who every recorded. Like many great musicians, died in a mechanical conveyance. James Galway- the Hippie in the Berlin Phil. Made a sound on the flute that has never been duplicated, analysed or even understood. As a matter of fact............. was that even a flute? or something Heckel kept under wraps?


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