Derrick Thomas Lewis

Born Toronto, Canada  Aug.16 1956

Educated  Mayfield H.S.   Goddard College  University of Toronto

Resided  1957-1960  Cleveland, Ohio

            1960-76  Toronto

             1977      Plainfield, Vermont & Cambridge, Massachusetts

             1979-81  Ft. Smith, NWT, Canada

             1981-Present    Toronto

Married, no offspring, six cats.

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

   My music compositions have been inspired by the great tradition of European art music.

   I am a Canadian composer, pianist, organist, trombonist and ex-teacher. I am a fan of all the arts, and am also a cat fancier and enthusiastic flyer of light aeroplanes. Science and history also strongly appeal to me. My favourite authors are Dr. Johnson, Geo. Gissing, Robert Graves and Vladimir Nabokov. I love the music of Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart and Giles Farnaby, among many others.

 I am a born Torontonian and honour the memory of fellow-denizens, Glenn Gould, Walter Huston, Marshall McLuhan and Norman Jewison.