Derrick Thomas Lewis

Derrick Thomas Lewis

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   My music compositions have been inspired by the great tradition of European art music.

   I am a Canadian composer, pianist, organist, trombonist and ex-teacher. I am a fan of all the arts, and am also a cat fancier and enthusiastic flyer of light aeroplanes. Science and history also strongly appeal to me. My favourite authors are Dr. Johnson, Geo. Gissing, Robert Graves and Vladimir Nabokov. I love the music of Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart and Giles Farnaby, among many others.

 I am a born Torontonian and honour the memory of fellow-denizens, Glenn Gould, Walter Huston, Marshall McLuhan and Norman Jewison.

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de Gustibus est non Disputandum

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I am Derrick Thomas Lewis. Sixty-three years old, born in Toronto, Canada. A city that contains a sample of the whole world. After a career of teaching music, I have concentrated all my attention & intellect (such as it is) on composing music, ...

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